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After a person is arrested, the police department or court will set a bail amount (the dollar amount varies based on the alleged offense involved and other contributing factors). It is the court's way of making sure that a defendant appears at their scheduled court dates once released from jail.

Here's how STATEWIDE BAIL BONDS  helps you through the bail bond process:

  1. STATEWIDE walks through what is a bail bond and what you need to do to get your loved one released from custody
  2. STATEWIDE works with your individual financial situation we have many payment options and intrest free financing availible.
  3. You meet our STATEWIDE agent at the police department or jail where your loved one is located.
  4. You pay STATEWIDE a fee which is 7% on bonds over 5000.00 and 10% on bonds below 5000.00 of the full bail bond amount
  5. STATEWIDE posts a bail bond with the jail facility where your loved one is located at
  6. Your loved one is released

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