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Statewide Bail Bonds is a New London/Norwich based company that will travel anywhere in the State of Connecticut to assist our clients.

If you have found yourself in a situation requiring a bailbondsman that you can trust, our company is here to help. We understand the stress that can be associated with this process.

Statewide Bail Bonds is committed to serving all our clients through the entire chain of events surrounding the bail bonding process. We strive to serve your legal and emotional needs while also providing you with an affordable bail bonds experience.

Statewide Bail Bond agents can be reached by calling 860-444-9096 at any time, 24/7.

In the United States of America, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is the fundamental cornerstone upon which release on bail, prior to trial, rests. As a citizen of the U.S., you have the following unalienable rights during the bail bond process:

At Statewide, we make sure you know your rights, and we help you to protect those bail rights. As a customer of statewide Bail Bonds, you have rights that will always be respected. At Statewide Bail Bonds:


Why Choose Statewide Bail Bonds?

Easy, Fast, Professional Bail Bonds you can trust.  Statewide Bail Bonds offer 24 hour bail bonds to assist all Connecticut and out-of-state residents. It is an extremely overwhelming experience dealing with the arrest of a friend or loved one.  As such, our bail bond agents give every case the attention it deserves. Our team ensures that each and every one of our clients fully understand the bail and bond process and procedures.

The process is broken down into easily understood steps to better assist with the intimidating experience.  Statewide Bail Bonds will continue to communicate with you during the entire process to keep you informed and updated with hopes that it runs smoothly. We will do our best at advising you which course of action will best be suited for the defendant’s particular needs for representation once we bond him or her out. Statewide Bail Bonds is always available to answer any questions pertaining to bail, small or large.

Getting Started

1. Bond is Set:

The Police Department will determine the bond at the location of where the arrest was made.  If the bond is not posted at the police department, the defendant will be presented in court the next business day and it will be up to a Judge to set a final bail amount. If the bond is not posted at court, then the defendant will be housed at the local Correctional facility.

2. Call Statewide Bail Bonds:

We are available 24/7 to answer any and all of your questions to start the process of bailing out the defendant. Our agent will ask several questions about the individual that is being held in lockup. These questions generally include requests for information such as full and legal name, DOB, reasons for arrest, and jail location. If the individual is locked up in a Correctional facility it is extremely helpful in knowing the inmate number.

3. A Statewide Bail Bond Agent Meets You:

The agent will personally meet with you at the Police Department or Correctional Facility, or Courthouse following the initial call. The agent will walk you through the bonding process covering all of the necessary steps for the court system, including the acceptable payment methods and amounts. Collateral will also be collected by the agent at this stage of the process if required.

4. Release From Jail:

After all the required paperwork is filled out, signed and submitted to the authority at the location of the individual being held, a waiting period of 30 minutes to an hour is generally the time it takes for the release. The arrested individual will receive their release papers with a court date clearly written on them. A picture will be taken of the released individual at that time.

5. The First Court Date:

The arrested individual appears in court at a predetermined date and time, listed on the Appearance Bond which was handed to he/she at the time of being bonded out. The process should go smoothly, assuming the individual arrives on time and as scheduled. If the arrested individual arrives too late or not at all, the Court can order a rearrest for Failure To Appear.

6. The Bond is Exonerated:

Once the case has a disposition, the bond will be exonerated regardless of the verdict.

Here to assist you 24 hours a day/365 days

Payment Plans

The first thing on most people’s minds when they hear one of their loved ones has been arrested is: “How can I afford to get them out of jail?”

Depending on the nature of the crime a person is accused of, bail can range from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars or more. Most people lack this kind of cash in their bank accounts, so paying the entire bail amount is out of the question.

We have set up several payment options so you can choose the one that best suits your individual situation and make sure your loved one gets out of jail as fast as they can. Generally, payment options are first determined by the amount of money required to post bail. We will interview the individual for information on the person the bail is required for, as well as the person/persons who will cosign the bail agreement should the individual be unable to post the amount of the premium.

Payment options can range greatly, but they are ultimately determined on a case-by-case basis. Avoiding extended incarceration can prove an expensive undertaking. Let our qualified and compassionate representatives help you create a payment plan that will help keep your loved one out of prison and keep you out of the poorhouse.

How do I make payments?

In an effort to make your experience with Statewide Bail Bonds as easy as possible, we offer several different ways to make payments.

You may always walk your payments into any of our many local offices. We are open Monday – Friday, 9 am to 3 pm. Statewide Bail Bonds has also created a dedicated department called Customer Financial Services whose mission is to help you with all the financial aspects of your account. This department offers the following methods of payment:

1.Every other week you will receive an updated statement showing your current balance and any recent payments. The best way to make your payments is to mail them in to our payment center.

2.please send your check or money order to the following address:

Statewide Bail Bonds
Payment Processing Center
103 Broad Street
New London, CT 06320

3.We accept personal checks, money orders and most major credit and debit cards.

4.Payments can also be taken over the phone at no additional charge to you.

5.We can also set up monthly automatic reoccurring payment via your credit or debit cards.

Please call Statewide Customer Financial Services at (860) 440-6039 for more details. Our account representatives are specially trained to help you make a payment arrangement that suits your individual needs.


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